TADGH (T-eye-g); an Irish name claimed by many Gaelic Kings from the 10th to 16th centuries is a name that signifies ‘poet’ or ‘philosopher’. Often referred to as ‘storyteller’, TADGH also became synonymous with the typical Irishman on the street. Although he is certainly a poet and storyteller, 25 year old Dublin-born singer/songwriter Shane Tadgh Nolan is not your typical Irishman. The soulful writer and performer delves into his nomadic roots every time he takes to the stage. Sporting uniquely impressive vocal capabilities, TADGH's music will stop anyone dead in their tracks with a refreshing gust.


Sonically TADGH sounds like the combination of organic acoustic instrumentation and modern electronic influence. Catchy melodies and quirky lyrics makes for an an intriguing, easy-listening experience. Hip-hop beats made up of disjointed drums, breaths and finger clicks occupy the rhythm section in an interesting way. Nolan’s musicality shines bright - his groovy feel reinforces his sound with every instrument he lays down on the record.


With lyrics like “moving quick, so no one sticks, using her tears to take her make-up off” - Nolan wields an honest pen that drips relatable ink. Although only 25 years of age, his mature sense of self is all encompassing.

Now based in London for the beginning of a new decade, this humble talent now swims in a bigger pond - where there is more room for him to grow.

Live Dates

Ireland 2020 w/ The Calling

March 5th  - Cyprus Avenue, Cork

March 6th  - Chalk Venue, Dublin

March 7th  - Crown Live, Wexford

March 8th  - Skylite Room, Down