1. okaylove.


She wants that okay love.
Real feelings are just too much.
Don't believe the signs,
Lips as red as wine.
This happens all the time,
This happens all the time.
You'll be that leave you in the line boy,
Not getting in tonight boy,
This happens all the time.

I don't know where you've been,
But I understand that it's the only thing you know.
You've gotta take it on the chin.
You've got to change it while it's broke.

She wants that okay love.
Moving quick so no one sticks,
Using her tears to take her make-up off.
I can't talk to you unless you're being truthful.
Stop wasting all my time,
Wasting all my time.
You'll be left behind,
If you keep acting like a child.
The choice is yours not mine.

Looking for another reason,
To say that okay love is all you need.
But you've got more than enough love worth keeping,
Darling love should not be sold for free.

Written, Recorded and Produced by Shane Tadgh Nolan

© TADGH 2017